Unable to Restore/Maximize Session

Issue: Unable to Restore/Maximize Session

Environment: XenDesktop 7.6
                     Windows 7 VDI , VDA 6 agent with latest Hotfix installed

Couple of Users were Launching VDI Desktop from Windows XP machine. They had Citrix Receiver 14.2 installed on their XP Machine.
They were Unable to Restore/Maximize when they minimize their session and Lock XP desktop or leave their session minimized for more than 15 to 20 minutes.

User session was showing as Active in Studio Console. When the user disconnects and then Launches the VDI session again, they would get their session back.

Looks like Citrix Receiver 14.2 is not working well when installed on Windows XP and connecting to Xendesktop 7.6


Uninstalled Receiver 14.2 and Installed ICA Client 13.4.300.10 and Still the issue did not get resolved.

Installing ICA Client resolved the Issue. Users are able to Maximize/Restore a session after unlocking their Desktop and they are able to restore it after keeping the session minimized for more than 15-20 minitues as well.

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