XenDesktop VDI Stuck in "Preparing" State

I have Xendesktop 5.6 with Two Catalog of Streamed with Personal vDisk.

After the Image Update most of my VDI’s changed to “Ready” State and few of them never came to Ready State and was Stuck in “Preparing” State even after a day.

This is what worked for me :

1) Right Click on VDI and Select “Enable Maintenance Mode”

2) Shutdown the VDI.

3) Right Click on VDI and Select “Remove from Desktop Group”

4) Go into the Machine Catalog –> select the VDI and Delete. You will be asked for the Confirmation, Click on Finish.

5) Now, Right Click on Machine Catalog and Click on Add Machines. Select the PVS Device Collection where your VDI is located, Click Next and Finish.

6) Right Click on your Desktop Group, Click on Add Desktops. Select the Catalog and add machine into Desktop Group.

Start the VDI if its still powered off. Now you can see, the VDI’s change to Unregistered State. It will get Registered with XD Controller and Come to Ready state.

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