"vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot configuration and restart Imaging Wizard."

Error: “vDisk is not available. Please check your network PXE boot configuration and restart Imaging Wizard.”

You will get this error when you Re-login to server during the Creation of vDisk from Imaging Wizard.


a) Remove Antivirus Software from the Golden Image. You can Reinstall it once the vDisk is created.

b) Launch Imaging Wizard again, Complete all steps as you did earlier. Click on Finish, when it asks to reboot (YES, NO).
Click on NO, Shutdown the server and make sure PXE is First in the Boot Order and HDD is Second.
You can Click on YES if PXE is already selected as First Boot Order.

If you are Using ISO to Boot, then follow the below Boot Order:


c) From PVS Console goto the Target Device Properties, General Tab, Ensure “Hard Disk” is selected in “Boot From”
Type has to be “Production”.

d) Ensure there are no Locks in vDisk which was created.
Access Mode in vdisk should be “Private”

Start the Server now, and login with the same Account which was used in configuring Imaging Wizard. It will now start the Conversion Process.

If you get the same error Again, Remove Provisioning Services Target Device Software from the Golden Image and Reboot the server. Re-install Target Device software again and then Follow the same Procedure. It will work fine now.

Note: If you have More than one Disk(eg, WriteCache Drive) on the VM (Master Target Device) which you are using to create Golden Image, Make Sure this additional Disk is not Primary Channel 0. If so, change it to Primary Channel 1 from VM Properties and then start the process.

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